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Atlas Chalet Blisters

This site is designed to inform you about Atlas Chalet shingles and what you can do if you have these shingles on your roof.

There is a lot of conflicting information being spread out there about the Atlas Chalet shingle. 1st- The Atlas Chalet has been discontined, making it impossible to repair any damages with an exact match. 2nd- Class Action Lawsuit cases are still being deliberated as can be found with a simple Google Search. It may be years before anything happens. Likely this is not the path you should take. Browse this website or our other sites for additional information. Atlas Chalet Shingles .NET Atlas Chalet Shingles .INFO

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT - If you have received our notifications...
Atlas Chalet Shingles Cracking

You have received this notification because of recent claims and information reporting your home has Atlas Chalet Shingles. Many homeowners living in the South Eastern United States have called in reporting they have noticed these shingles exhibiting early signs of failing. We have heavily researched and identified that your home does have Atlas Chalet Shingles. We are working hard to do our best to make sure you and all of our clients are treated in a professional manner. We are getting our inspectors to visit homes and inspect the shingles in your Region. Please Call Your Local Area Team. They will schedule a time with you to assess your property and advise a course of action accordingly.

We at look forward to helping you and offering you the best service possible.​

Are the Atlas Chalet Shingles Defective? Consider the following...

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The definition of defective is 1. having a defect or flaw; imperfect; faulty. By definition then this shingle would be defective. Does this mean the shingle will not perform?

The shingle has a granule overlay producing double thickness in parts of the shingle. In this overlay is where the defects are taking place. Blistering, cracking and such. These are visual problems that sometimes are visible even from the ground.

Heart Shaped Defect on an Atlas Chalet Shingle

Now here is the interesting thing to consider. Under the overlay is a 30 yr 3-Tab shingle. Even if all the overlay fell off of your roof, you would still have a 30 year shingle protecting your roof. This is argument for the Atlas Chalet Shingle, the issue is purely aesthetic.

There are allegedly problems in the whole shingle including but not limited to cracking and blistering. If damages occur in these regions it may be more than an aesthetic issue.

These are the issues surrounding the developing class action lawsuit. If you do not have storm damage, you may have a case. Please give us a call to take a professional look at your Atlas Chalet Shingles. If no problems are found then joining the developing class action lawsuit against Atlas Chalet shingles may be an option for you.

Can I get a new roof? When insurance comes to inspect your roof for storm damage they are mostly looking for hail and wind damage. If they find wind damage for instance they will usually pay to replace the broken shingles if your roof is not too brittle for repairs. This amount usually does not even exceed your deductible, leaving you responsible for the repairs. They usually need wind and hail damaged shingles on all sides before replacing a roof. But not with Atlas! Just ONE broken shingle can warrant you an ENTIRE new roof. Since the Chalet is no longer available, there is no way for them to only repair the roof to match. So they usually must replace your roof with the same LKQ, Like, Kind, and Quality, which means you may get a new REAL architectural shingle roof.

Atlas Chalet Shingles on your roof? What steps should you take

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Follow the steps below in the order provided to have the best possible outcome for your situation. Also for more information please visit the following Atlas Chalet Shingles .NET Atlas Chalet Shingles .INFO

Every situation is unique and its not always black and white, please use the below as a guideline and consider we deal with Atlas Chalet shingles on a regular basis.

  • Email us on our contact page or at atlaschalet at, or call our Specialist at 678-439-9242 to discuss your unique situation
  • Find out if you have storm damage on your roof with our help. Just one damaged shingle from a storm may warrant you an entire new roof since the product is impossible to exactly match.(Contact us to set up a qualified expert to come look at your roof)
  • If storm damage is found, we will help file a claim with your insurance company and have a qualifed expert with Atlas Chalet to represent you. If they replace your roof, you are done!
  • If your claim is denied or no storm damage was found, visit Atlas's website and request a warranty packet. When it comes in the mail, fill it out and send it in. (You will need 2 full shingles, so make sure you have a roofer who can take these down and replace them with a close shingle match)
  • At this point if they do not pay any damages, then you may contact the lawyers we are working with. They will send you a packet of information for you to fill out.
  • Finally wait for an inevitable trial date.

Atlas Chalet Shingles Resources

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Yes Atlas is still in business and they still make very good quality roofing products

Website: Atlas Limited Warranty Information

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